TFishing Charters in Townsville bird and croc.

Remembering Your Townsville Fishing Charter

One thing we highly recommend on our fishing charters around Townsville is taking lots of photos. Along with that prize Barra picture, there are plenty of opportunities to see other wildlife such as birds, the occasional North Queensland Crocodile, and the scenic views of Townsville estuaries and Magnetic Island beaches.

We love to see photos of our clients catching their dream fish. If you have a cracker of a photo from your charter that you would love to share, send it to us and we will post it for the world to see.

Townsville Fishing Charters Barramundi Jump
Bohle River Crocodile Townsville

A Unique and Beautiful Part of the World

Mangroves, salt marshes and estuaries are ideal breeding and nursery grounds for marine creatures, especially big Barra. Each has its own unique ecosystem of plants and animals that depend on the wetlands for food, water and shelter. In the tropical waters of Townsville, wetlands are vital waterways that reflect the health of catchments and are an essential link to the coast. These magnificent areas offer natural beauty where you can enjoy the scenery and Australian wildlife.

Likewise the rich costal waters around Townsville and Cleveland Bay offer an abundance of marine life. On one of our Townsville fishing charters you catch coral trout, fingermark, red emperor, mackerel, billfish and more. There is always opportunities to see some of the wildlife like dugongs, dolphins, whales, turtles and other unique species.

We fish all over the Townsville and North Queensland region so if you are interested in fishing a specific area please contact us.

Share your Fishing Charter Experience

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