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Andrew Mead has been a local Fishing Guide in Townsville for over 35 years and has worked in all aspects of the industry. As the owner of Aussie Barra Charters he takes great pride in providing a safe and enjoyable fishing trip for all members on board.

Agreement – By  booking with Aussie Barra Charters it is on the understanding that you have agreed with our terms and conditions. If there are any questions or part of our policies you do not understand, please call or email us.

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Terms & Conditions

Care and Safety – All customers will be given a safety and briefing at each fishing trip as part of our duty of care. If you have concerns about being on a boat for the first time please contact us and we can explain conditions to you. Persons onboard are required to disclose a pre-existing medical condition to the Captain, and if needed discuss any medication that may be required in an emergency. Failure to declare an existing medical condition is deemed as negligent and Aussie Barra Charters takes no responsibility should an incident arise. 

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Limitations and Restrictions Due to occupational Health and Safety Regulations children under 5 years of age are not permitted on the vessel. All children under 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult. All persons on the vessel are to fully disclose any conditions such as illness or health restrictions that may affect or lead to a safety concern. Animals are not able to be brought aboard with the exception of guide or assistant dogs. Please notify us prior to booking if this is a requirement.

Covid We follow government regulations and impose that persons are not to make bookings if they are recovering from, or have Covid 19, have been near someone with Covid 19, or are unwell in any manner, this includes having a cough,cold, sore throat, fever or other virus. It is at our discretion that anyone arriving for a charter that is deemed unwell will not be able to board the fishing boat for everyone’s safety. In the event a booking is made knowing that you are affected by Covid 19 or ill in any way we have every right to cancel your trip without refund. Should you need to cancel due to Covid 19 (or any other reason) please contact us as soon as possible so that your trip may be rescheduled and other options reviewed. Wearing of masks or proof of vaccination may be required by government regulations at time of charter.

Departures – Our charters may be shared with other individuals, this means that all aboard must be ready to depart at scheduled optimise tides and conditions. We highly recommend being ready to board at least 30 minutes prior. In the event you may be late, contact us immediately. In the event you do not arrive without notice you will forfeit monies paid and the trip will continue without you.

Gift Vouchers – Gift vouchers are issued either via the phone or an online website request. Clients that fail to arrive for a booked charter due to arriving will forfeit their voucher. If a trip is cancelled by use due to weather or lack of numbers your fishing trip will be rescheduled. 

Fishing Gift Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be refunded or used as part payment. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and proof of purchase must be provided.

Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone who loves an adventure, a day out on the water, and of course fishing! Order a Fishing Gift Voucher for a friend or family member today . For more information on prices or how to purchase one of our Fishing Gift Vouchers, simply call  your local fishing guide in Townsville. Aussie Barra Charters.

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Cancellations – of bookings will require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Please take care when choosing your dates. Any charters cancelled by us due to weather will either be rescheduled to a time agreeable by both parties or a refund will be issued at our discretion minus any fees applicable. We require min 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or change of numbers. You will be charged for individuals missing if you have not given notice for us to use a standby. 

Bookings – are taken subject to suitable weather conditions. No fishing charter will go ahead if a Gale Weather warning has been issued or causes safety issue, This is at the Captains discretion prior and during all trips. Generally if the weather is not looking suitable you will be notified as soon as possible (sometimes weather is unpredictable). 

Payment – is to be agreed upon at booking and made on the day prior to departure.If a gift voucher is being used please verify issue number at  time of booking and present voucher on the day of the fishing charter.

Privacy – Details obtained from clients such as telephone numbers, email address, postal address, facsimile number, credit card and bank account details, are for the express purpose of the operations of Aussie Barra Charters. These details are never sold, distributed or released to any other parties or bodies. Fraudulent, dishonest, and dishonored activities or payments will be forwarded to our legal or recovery professionals. If you have concerns about security or privacy issues contact us immediately and notify your financial provider.

Regulations – all permits, licences, area restrictions and bag/size limits will be strictly adhered to according to Queensland Fisheries regulations.This means if  fish caught are to small, out of season, or exceeding the bag limit, then it will be returned to the water. The Captain will inform you of fish species bag catch limits. 

Conduct & Behavior – Staff and individuals on board should be treated with respect at all times, The captain reserves the right to return any individuals to the nearest port with no refund being issued, based on misconduct or harassment. Supplied fishing gear is not to be deliberately abused, damaged or lost. You will be charged a fee for new replacement. Equipment, Fishing gear and tackle,  are to be handled with care. Misuse will incur a charge  Alcohol is permitted on board the boat, however it must be consumed in moderation. Alcohol must not be in glass,cans only, Any behavior we deem inappropriate will result in your charter being cut short and your group being returned to shore.

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